Truss cover Rustic Wood

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Elastic wooden fabric RUSTIC WOOD truss cover.

Our offer includes trisystem and quadrosystem truss covers.

They cover the structure from all sides. When choosing the material for trusses, it is absolutely necessary to specify the side width of the quadro or trisystem model that you have. We have customized models with a side width of 22, 25 and 29.
The material is flexible and will also reach a wider dimension.

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Truss size


Fodero truss covers are individually adapted to each type of truss width. Covers for trusses with a side of 29, the widest available on the market, are specially widened by us to ensure comfortable application. Before buying, it is necessary to check what width of the truss you have.


Rustic Wood is a new series of Fodero products inspired by trends in rustic and industrial style. The materials designed by us in the color and structure of wood faithfully reflect its natural character. The use of the Rustic Wood line will allow you to quickly change the style of the stand by using printed materials without the need to purchase and transport heavy wooden structures. In the Rustic Wood line you will find covers for tripods, trusses, table covers and replaceable screens for screens.

PRINT - basic information:

- The print is made by industrial dyeing of the fabric (it is not a sticker), it is resistant to washing;
- The print, after being stretched on a stand, changes its size slightly;
- The illuminated print is visible, but slightly paler.


- Made of elastic fabric providing product scalability.
- Elastic fabrics and strengthened seams ensure the product is scalable;.
- The material, from which the cover is made, is matte.
- Illuminated cover diffuses the light very well.
- The scrim covers the truss from all sides.

Unusual dimensions.

Our orders are customized. If your truss is of an unusual height, please contact us and we will design a product specifically for you.

Cleaning the cover.

The fabric from which Fodero covers are made is resistant to dirt and easy to clean. Covers can be machine washed in 40 degrees. Before washing, please make sure that the washing machine does not have any sharp objects inside, which could result in the fraying of the material.

Lead time for processing orders and having the package ready to be shipped to you is from 1 to 7 working days, depending on our stock levels, plus delivery period. We make every effort to ship the purchased goods to you before weekend. Buy two products at once, and you will get a pouch for free.
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Rustic Wood

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