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RUSTIC WOOD TRICOLOR Scrim cover for column or lighting tripods.

The cover screens the tripod from two sides, providing an easy access to the equipment. STRONG covers are equipped with strengthened, waterproof rubber-lined leg wraps, which ensures more cover durability.

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Rustic Wood is a new series of Fodero products inspired by trends in rustic and industrial style. The materials designed by us in the color and structure of wood faithfully reflect its natural character. The use of the Rustic Wood line will allow you to quickly change the style of the stand by using printed materials without the need to purchase and transport heavy wooden structures.

In the Rustic Wood line you will find covers for tripods, trusses, table covers and replaceable screens for screens. 

Fodero Rustic Wood TRICOLOR tripod cover

The covers can be made in two variants:
- with a wooden pattern in the middle and black sides - version A
- with black center and wooden sides - version B

The choice should be made from the panel above when placing an order.

What distinguishes Fodero tripod scrim covers in STRONG version?

- Elastic fabric providing product scalability,
- Flexible, strong seams,
- Easy fixing to the tripod through a clamping ring, which is included in the set,
- Esthetic leg wraps resistant to dirt and stains,
- Anti-slip pads providing tripod stability despite it being covered with a scrim.


The cover is available in two different height options dedicated to sound amplification tripods or lighting tripods. When choosing the cover, the most important thing is to identify the minimum height at which the fabric will be hooked, because only when under proper tension will the scrim cover look good.
Available tripod heights (H):
- small - scrim cover dedicated to sound amplification tripods,
- large - scrim cover dedicated to lighting tripods,
The dimensions of the covers are given in the product parameters selection panel. The dimensions of the product may vary by approx. 5 cm.
Width (W) of tripod legs, measured from one leg to the other: min. 95 cm - max. 130 cm

Time of delivery

Lead time for processing orders and having the package ready to be shipped to you is from 1 to 14 working days, depending on our stock levels, plus delivery period. We make every effort to ship the purchased goods to you before weekend. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via e-mail.

Buy two products at once, and you will get a pouch for free. For every scrim cover you purchase from us, you will get a clamping ring.

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Rustic Wood
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