Product prices are different depending on the chosen type and height.

Fodero WHITE scrim cover for catering tables is suitable for tables with the following table top dimensions: 120 x 60 and 180 x 75 cm, and with height of either 70 cm and 90 cm.

Back finish

- CLOSED - the scrim covers the table from all sides, all the way to the floor.
- OPEN - the back of the cover is open to enable an easy reach to whatever is placed under the table.

Table top finish:

- STANDARD - the fabric on top of the table is smooth, without any gaps.
- SLOT - the fabric on top of the table has three gaps on the edge to make it possible to carry the cabling under the table.

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Back: finish
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WHITE scrim cover for catering tables

Fodero scrim covers for catering tables are designed for users who value practical and convenient solutions necessary when organizing events.

Fodero covers can be distinguished by:

-Elastic fabric providing product scalability,
-Elastic, strong seams;
-Strengthened leg wraps lined from the bottom of the cover;
-A variety of options tailored to customers’ needs.

Catering table covers dimensions

Scrim covers for catering tables are available in dimensions matching standard catering tables (height: 70cm) and also with higher legs (around 90 cm) adapted to meet music presenters’ needs. The fabric from which the covers are made is stretchable, so it should adapt itself to tables slightly bigger or smaller than those mentioned in the table above.

Catering table cover finish

Each of the above dimensional options is available in the below back and table top finish variants, which can be combined.

Back finish:

- CLOSED - the table is covered with a scrim from all sides, all the way down to the floor. Thanks to the application of an elastic fabric, it is possible to slightly raise the back of the cover to reach anything that might be placed under the table, however the access is difficult.
- OPEN - the cover is open on one side in order to allow the person standing behind the table an easy access to the equipment and objects placed under the table. The fabric is properly profiled to show only the lower part of the table in a subtle way.

Table top finish:

- STANDARD - table top is made of a unitary material without any gaps.
- SLOT - the edge of the table has three gaps which enable carrying the cabling from the table under the table in an easy way. The gaps are placed in the middle of the table, on the right, an on the left, so as to allow for different variations of equipment placing on the table. Cable culverts are about 15 cm long so that a hand holding cables can reach downwards easily.

Cleaning and maintenance

The cover can be machine washed in maximum 40 degrees and should be allowed to dry unfolded in vertical position, far from any heat sources. Do not bleach, do not dry mechanically, do not wash chemically. Before washing, make sure that there are no sharp objects in the middle of the washing machine, which could cause material fraying. Catering table scrim cover is not to be ironed, as elastic seams might be destroyed. The cover will straighten itself neatly once stretched over the table.

Available color versions

Our offer includes covers in white, black, black-white color, Rustic Wood, Black-Rustic Wood 

Lead time

Lead time for processing orders and having the package ready to be shipped to you is now up to 2 weeks, plus delivery period. We make every effort to so that the purchased good reach you on time. If you require goods to be delivered on a specific date, please contact us beforehand. Buy our product and you will get a pouch for free.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +48 796 856 707 or via e-mail shop@fodero.eu
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