What makes our Fodero tripod covers unique?

Our covers were made after consulting event DJs, who care about the look of their stand, and with the people who are responsible for decorations during events.

What features should a good scrim cover have?

The people surveyed mentioned various problems that they had  when using scrim covers, and we took up the challenge of developing a solution to this. In their opinion, a good scrim cover should be:

  • easy to attach
  • easy to clean
  • elastic and stretchable
  • diffusing light well

Do Fodero covers meet the basic user needs?

As a textile products producer, we developed a product which will meet the requirements of DJ’s, event managers and stage technicans. We overcame the main problems mentioned by them in the following way:

Easy fixing

The time spent by DJs on setting up their equipment is very valuable. Nobody would want the fixing of tripod cover to take more time and effort than needed, or to require creating additional holes in said equipment. Our covers can be attached to tripods by a clamping ring, which is to be fixed just beyond the column either permanently with a screw or temporarily with a wing nut. Said clamping ring is reinforced with a rubber, so the tripod will not get scratched or damaged by it in any way whatsoever. One just needs to put on the cover starting from the tripod legs and then stretch it over the fastening of the clamping ring.


The problem that every DJ using scrim covers has come across at least once is fabric dirt  occurring as a result of the material touching the ground.

Strengthened Fodero STRONG covers have legs made from a characteristic, blue, waterproof, rubber material. We have decided on blue so as to make any stains occurring from the contact with the ground less visible.

Any stains can be removed with a wet cloth or sponge. If white covers get dirty somewhere other than on their legs, they can be machine washed in the temperature recommended by us, namely 40 degrees.

NOTE! The cover should be washed separately, so that it does not get frayed from other objects or sharp elements inside the washing machine. We strongly recommend that you put the cover in a protective bag for cleaning underwear or in a pillowcase.

Tripod stability after attaching the cover

Every sound amplification and lighting tripod cover in the STRONG version has legs protected with rubber, so that the tripod remains stable. The covers ensure the safety of the piece of equipment placed on the tripod, and by the same token the safety of the event participants.

Apart from the aesthetic and easy-to-fix legs, stretchable scrim covers have additional rubber reinforcements on them, which ensure the tripod’s ground adhesion and guarantee safety after attaching the cover to the tripod. 

STRONG cover can be used during outdoor events.

Elastic and stretchable covers fit both sound amplification tripods and lighting tripods

Our covers are made from a very stretchable, elastic spandex/elastan material, which looks very well on tripods of different heights. The scalability of the product is also ensured due to special, elastic seams.

The most important thing is…

The scrim should perform basic functions, such as covering the tripod, looking good without backlight and, in the case of white covers, diffusing the light well when illuminated, e.g. by a PAR lamp. The material for our covers that we usey is a high-quality knit, which looks very well without backlight, is strong and durable. Due to the right material density, the cover diffused the light in a way which would satisfy even the most demanding clients.

In our portfolio you will also find covers without reinforcements in the LIGHT version. If you want to know the difference between LIGHT and STRONG covers, and which cover type would be best for you, we encourage you to read the next article.

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