What is the difference between Fodero Strong and Light covers?

In our portfolio, we have covers for lighting and column tripods in two versions: STRONG and LIGHT. In this article, we will present the main differences between our products, which will help you choose the right option for you.


Our Fodero STRONG covers have a specially designed and additionally reinforced legs. They have been manufactured in such a way that ensures even more durability of the product and increases its wear-resistance.

What are the pros and cons of the STRONG version of the tripod cover?


  • The legs of the STRONG cover are refined with a rubber finish, which ensures a better adhesion of the cover to the floor
  • The cover does not get dirty in the points where it adheres to the floor, and apart from that is more resistant to mechanical damage caused by friction.
  • Cover can be successfully used on the ground and on concrete, and there is no risk of it getting wet from anything spilled on the ground
  • STRONG covers do not need to be cleaned very often
  • The legs in STRONG covers are intentionally slightly bigger, so that the tripod leg does not touch the white material in any point


  • Due to additional strengthenings on the legs, the cover does not stick to the ground very closely at the bottom of the tripod, so the cabling and the lamp illuminating the tripod will be visible from the floor.

When looked at from eye-level height, this will not be visible.

The cover stretched to a minimum height and with a wide tripod legs span will adhere more closely to the floor, but when the material is stretched to a maximum, and the span of the tripod legs is narrower, the curve will be bigger due to material extension.

Why are the legs od a tripod STRONG COVER are enlarged?

The leg of a tripod is a point in which the material is subject to most tension and as a result can get damaged more quickly. It is the most protruding element of all elements making up the whole DJ stand, which often gets accidentally hit by event participants. The additionally strengthened material prevents the cover from getting dirty also from footwear.


Fodero LIGHT cover is dedicated to those who would like the material to stick to the ground as closely as possible, hiding all cabling and objects placed under the tripod.

LIGHT covers were created for users who care about the best possible fit of the applied cover to the ground.

What are the pros and cons of the LIGHT version of the tripod cover?


  • The cover will conceal everything placed under the tripod
  • The cover will hide everything placed under the tripod


  • The material will be damaged more quickly
  • Frequent cleaning of the cover will be required
  • It will not be possible to use the covers during outdoor events on very dirty and sharp surfaces

What is the difference between SMOOTH and BASIC?

Both STRONG and LIGHT covers are available in two options:

- SMOOTH (seamless) 
- BASIC (made from two pieces of fabric sewn with an elastic seam). 

he differences between those two types are presented in the picture below. Compared to BASIC, the material in the SMOOTH variant looks even better and there is no seam visible when illuminated, as a result of which the light is diffused beautifully. 

The seam in the BASIC covers does not adversely affect the durability of the cover and its practical use in any way.

The differences are shown in the pictures below.