Rustic Wood, textile material with realistic wood print

Rustic Wood is a new series of Fodero products inspired by trends in rustic and industrial style. The materials designed by us in the color and structure of wood faithfully reflect its natural character.

The use of the Rustic Wood line will allow you to quickly change the style of the stand by using printed materials without the need to purchase and transport heavy wooden structures.

See how our wooden material looks up close

Advantages of using Fodero products from the Rustic Wood line:

  • Light weight
  • Small product volume - fits in a transport bag
  • Convenient transportation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Perfectly reproduced realistic look of wood
  • Quick change of the appearance of the stand depending on the style of the event being served

See products available in the Rustic Wood pattern

Truss Covers

Truss covers are available for quadrosystem 29, 25, 22 and trisystem 29, 25, 25 with standard heights of 2, 1.5 and 1 m.

There is a possibility of shortening the grate or making the product to measure.



The created solution with a black mesh sewn in allows effective illumination of the metal structure through a PAR lamp or suspending the LED BAR or sunstrip lamp.