6-person pillows - WEDDING/PARTY - animation game with letters

Set for animation fun during a wedding or company event for 2 teams consisting of 6.5 or 4 people. Teams do not play at the same time, but one after the other.

GAME available only in Polish with Polish instructions.

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Set for animation fun during a wedding or company event for 2 teams of 6 people. Teams do not play at the same time, but one after the other.

During 2 minutes, the team is to arrange the largest number of correct answers to the questions asked by the teacher. The answers are arranged by the participants positioning themselves appropriately and arranging the letters from the pillows to form a password.


- a set of sample questions and passwords for two 6-person teams.
- 12 pillows with braces, forming 6 "backpacks". The backpack consists of two pillows connected with braces.
- a bag for transporting pillows.

Please read the detailed gameplay below, which will help you understand the proposed course.

poduszki animacyjne Fodero zabawa w poduszki

The picture on the left shows one backpack in the Regular version with a standard filling, on the right side there is the Slim version with a flat filling

The main difference is the creation of a special filling for the SLIM version, thanks to which the finished set is much more convenient to transport. The Slim pillow set takes a 40x40x25 cm carton, the Regular set takes a 40x40x65 cm carton

If you have any questions regarding availability and doubts when choosing a product version, please contact us by phone.

Brief description of fun animation pillows

Participants in 2 minutes have to arrange the largest number of correct answers to the questions asked by the teacher. The answers are arranged by positioning the participants appropriately and arranging the letters on the pillows to form a password. Fun for 2 teams of 6 people. The play set consists of 4 sets of pillows with braces and two sets of letters for two teams. 6 sets, thanks to the double-sided design, allow you to turn each of them inside out and invite another team to play with a completely different set of letters and questions.

The answer to the question: "Stimulating drink" - in Polish Coffee - KAWAzabawa w poduszki litery

Playing with pillows is an interesting alternative to animation games during a wedding, family or company event.

Detailed gameplay:

1. Selection of participants:

We choose 2 teams of 6 people to play. The competition is conducted in stages. The first stage: questions and answers of the 1st team. Second stage: questions and answers of the 2nd team.

The set for one participant from the team consists of two pillows with dimensions of about 40x40 cm, connected at the top with braces and an elastic band on the side.

The play set includes 4 sets for participants, i.e. 8 pillows, connected with braces. After running a competition for one team (with the first set of letters marked with a black star ★), the set should be turned inside out to give the next team a different set of letters (the set of letters is marked with a red heart ❤)

2. Handing out gadgets and checking the markings

Each person in the team is given one harness with two pillows placed on the front and on the back, which the participant puts on over the head.

NOTE: Pillows must be distributed to participants according to the labeling of each set of letters. Otherwise, it will not be possible to correctly arrange the passwords.

Appropriate marking makes it easier to distribute the right set of letters to the participants for their team.

One team is branded with a black star ★ next to each letter and has black braces, the other team is branded with a red heart ❤ and red and orange braces.

Team 1 kit Zestaw dla dTeam 2 kit

The elastic band connecting the cushions from the side ensures comfortable and quick putting on by both small and larger people, without fear of tearing.

Elastic bands connecting the pillows on the side

3. Presentation of the letters in the team and for all guests.

After placing the backpacks, team members should familiarize themselves with the letters on the front and back of each team member to know what letters they have. Just turn around.

4. Reading Team 1 Questions

For each set of letters, a dozen or so passwords are prepared to be composed of 4-6 letters located on the front and back of the pillows. Participants within 2 minutes must arrange as many correct answers to the read questions as possible by turning and positioning themselves in a row. Within 2 minutes, participants manage to arrange from 2 to 9 passwords, depending on the condition and composition of the team :)


At this point, remember to ensure you have timekeeping for each team, for example by setting an alarm on your smartphone.

5. Scoring summary

Of course, the team that creates the most passwords in the set time in its stage of the game wins, so it is necessary to sum up the scores.

6. Exchange of a set of questions

After summing up the scores, the first team pulls the pillows over the head and turns the set over to the other side, on which there is another set of letters that allows you to create completely new passwords.

Appropriate sewing and marking of the pillows enables efficient exchange of a set of questions between the participants

At this point, it is necessary to check that the participants have the same set on them, thanks to the special symbol and color marking. If it is difficult to read the heart or star symbol, thanks to a different color of harness for each team, it is possible to check even from a distance whether the participants of the two teams have correctly exchanged pillows.

7. Reading the passwords for the new team of the second set of questions

The second team has new letters that allow you to create new passwords that have not been used by previous participants. Similarly, we set the alarm for 2 minutes and read the passwords.

8. Summary of results.

Cleaning pillows

Pillowcases are fastened with a zipper. The cover of each pillow can be removed and washed in the washing machine. The recommended maximum washing temperature is 40 degrees

Each set includes a soft transport bag for clean transport of the pillows.


We currently do not have the game in a language other than Polish, so we encourage you to sign up for the waiting list if you are interested in our product



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